Maritime Business


MRCC(Multi-Role Combatant Craft)

MRCC offers maritime forces the versatility of fast surface boat, reduced semi-submerged observability, and submerged propulsion all in one proven, reliable platform.


Modular MRCC options allow users to easily configure the MRCC for required mission profiles. Ruggedly built of marine grade aluminum and advanced composite materials, the MRCC enables users to travel farther and faster in more ways and with more personnel and cargo than previously possible.

Key Capabilities

  • Multi-dimensional maritime asset Surface, semi-submerged & submerged, (minimum wet time) modes
  • Flexibility in launch / host options Multiple ship types, air, land & airdrop
  • Standard advanced navigation and communications
  • Reduced signature
  • Operationally responsive
  • Combat Swimmers as crew & operators (with approximately 2 weeks of training.) Does not require SDV/SWCC qualified crew
  • Cache on bottom up to three days
  • Offensive/defensive armament
  • Maintainability “Engine Room in a Can”

DPD(Diver Propulsion Device)

The STIDD Diver Propulsion Device (DPD) is the most widely used military-grade underwater mobility platform in the world. With hundreds of units in operation by maritime forces, the DPD offers combat swimmers a NAVSEA 9310 certified, ANU listed, underwater mobility system which is proven, fast, robust and reliable.


  • STIDD Standard DPD is made from hard-coat-anodized marine-grade aluminum alloy and weighs approx. 160 pounds (160 lbs) and can carry two fully-outfitted combat divers/swimmers and up to 100 pounds (100 lbs) of cargo at up to 3 knots (3kts) for for over two hours. Operational depth is over 80 meters (80m). The Standard DPD is NAVSEA 9310 certified, approved for U.S. Navy Use (ANU Listing), and is currently under contract to the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), US Army, USSOCOM, and “many international SOF maritime units”.
  • STIDD Dual Thruster DPD-XT submersible’s effective range stacks up again the Standared DPD-Extended Range model’s effective range, since the latter utilizes a second high-capacity “MUSCLES” lithium-ion battery system, which effectively doubles the range of the Standard DPD submersible diver delivery vehicle.

Standard DPD

The STIDD Diver Propulsion Device (DPD) is the most widely used military-grade underwater mobility platform in the world. The DPD enables divers to travel farther and faster with more payload than previously possible with any other diver propulsion device.

Standard DPD – Extended Range

With the addition of a second High Capacity “MUSCLES” Lithium-Ion Battery System, the Standard DPD with Extended Range Option effectively doubles the Range.
200% the Range of a Standard DPD
Two Batteries Required
Same Dimensions & Certifications as Standard DPD

Dual Thruster DPD-XT

The DPD with Dual Thruster (DPD-XT) provides operators not only additional speed and range, but also two independently redundant propulsion systems. The DPD-XT maintains all of the Standard DPD’s exterior dimensions and certifications. The DPDXT utilizes two (2) standard DPD batteries which power two (2) standard DPD thrusters. For missions that require extended speed and range, the Dual Thruster DPD is an ideal platform.
33% Faster than Standard DPD
Redundant propulsion improves mission safety.
Twin high efficiency, low noise direct drive DC thruster motors with high Bollard thrust Kort nozzles
Two Batteries
Additional towing capacity: easily tows 3-4 divers with full load