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HamiltonJet WaterJet

HamiltonJet waterjet propulsion system was introduced to South Korea firstly 30 years ago. More than the 700 propulsions are supplied and in operation. Performance and reliability are proven through long-term operation leading Korea water-jet market

Specialties and Specifications

Reliability, fewer moving parts with most major components inboard and out of harms way
Maneuverability, Split duct reverse bucket & JT nozzle combine for excellent maneuverability
Speed, optimized for speeds from 25-45 knots
Efficiency, meets or exceeds the best prop designs at speed of 30 knots or better
Shallow water operation, the ability to go where props simply can’t
Anode protection
Flush-mounted intake screen
Power operated, split-duct reverse bucket for maximum operational control (except HJ212 model)
Standard clean-out port with optional extension collar
Wide range of hydraulic and electronic control systems including blue ARROW and MECS electronic controls
Provision for an internal rake to remove debris from the intake screen (except HJ212 model)
Lloyds, A.B.S., etc. certification available

Hamiltion Jet Model