About us

CEO Message 

Since DK established in 1994, based on DK’ sprits ‘Challenge’, ‘Creativity’ and ‘Passion’. We have been contributing small but valuable supports to improving Korean marine environment by introducing the world best and state-of-the-art marine equipment and systems to the market.

Now, beyond the traditional business we continue to expand our new business areas including maritime safety and environment so that we can re-grow as a world’s leading specialized marine equipment provider. Keeping this in mind, we will become a leader to guide people embracing the dream over the ocean, and also a stepping stone to reach the goal of the world best maritime supplier.

Keeping the spirits of ‘challenge’, ‘creativity’ and ‘passion’ fed on breast, and pursuing the trust from our customers as the most valuable asset, We will keep looking forward to being an everlastingly loved company to customers.