Navigation Equipment


Sailing integrated information monitoring system

System displays a variety of necessary sailing information on one monitor screen with intuitive interface screen configuration during sailing.


  • Displays integrated sailing information
  • Data based wind direction, wind speed, yaw rate, helm, RPM Display
  • UX(User experience) interface
  • Customizable interface support


INS-2000 S/W SpecificationDisplays summary of navigational information,Displays sailing information on round gaugeDisplays main internal information of a vesselLamp type alarm indicatorChecks signal log informationAutomatic system error checks
INS-2000 H/W SpecificationContents
Communication main controllerHigh-Performance & Surge Protector, FIFO communicationRS-232, RS422/485 communication methodNMEA0183 Bulk data transfer to the PC receiving the communication dataVarious Analog Input Ampere, Voltage Range like 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ +10V, -10V ~ +10VRack Type Case
PCCPU : Core i5 or i7 processorRAM : 4GBOS : Windows 7 32bit or aboveHDD : 500GB or above2U Rack Type
MonitorMarine 23.1” type Color LCDResolution : 1280 X 1024