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BOXFISH’s ROV product boasts the lightest weight (23kg) among its class-class ROVs that can be operated up to 300m deep or higher, and its superior portability allows one person to get off the ship himself.

However, the performance is not a small underwater drone level, but a high level of maneuverability and excellent image quality that can overcome the emphasis, providing excellent performance for underwater exploration or search structures.

It is also highly scalable because it can be equipped with a multi-beamso or a working robot arm if necessary.

  • Up to 1000m operating depth strength: The advantage of covering most of the coastal waters in Korea with water depth of industrial ROV level
  • Multiple thrusters and control capabilities for overcoming tidal currents and high maneuvering capabilities: additional thrusters in addition to the most 8 thrusters can be fitted to reach the required speed of up to 3 knots. Active stabilization enables underwater manoeuvring in any direction with the same propulsion even when tilted.
  • Camera and lighting strengths: 3 cameras with a built-in 180 degree angle of view, 4K FHD images are transmitted and received with up to 17000 lumens of brightness lighting for improved low brightness/brightness

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