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HUMPHREE Interceptor 

HUMPHREE Interceptor

Humphrey interceptors is essential for next-generation systems equipped with automatic control for the hull’s trimming and shaking and it significantly reduces fuel consumption and hull shaking. Made in Sweden. All in one system, Won the best innovative equipment awards(METS 2015)!


High speed servo motor and interceptor link technology to react in 0.7 seconds.Reduction of 40% hull shake and 30%fuel consumption through the fully automatic control feature, ‘ACTIVE’Automatic trim control functions that operate by automatic calculation of the optimum trimImproved boarding comfort by the rolling and pitching compensation of the ship with automatic adjustment
to fluctuations.Reduction of the turning radius up to 50% with the immediate linkage to steering angle information.Maximizing operating convenience with one-touch / full-color control panel operation in the steering house.Motion of hull can be analyzed through fully automatic motion analysis control unit (RCU)
(Research / Explore vessels applicable)BV classification / worldwide military purposed special craft installation references. And pilot boat, customs
boat and working ship installation references etc.Low costs of maintenance and replacement due to the high durability and the very low failure rate.
H Series (Standard)HA Series(Asymmetric)HE Series (Extended version)

Product Composition


  • Army / Coast Guard Vessel
  • Pilot Boat
  • Yacht / Ferry