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MAN Engine

With its 250 years of reliability, more than 60% of deep sea vessels use MAN universally.
MAN engine is small but powerful globally well known product


A characteristic feature of MAN marine engines is their powerful acceleration coupled with an extremely low fuel consumption. Their advantages are to be found above all in their outstanding power efficiency and compactness. The engines are delivered ready for installation, and are designed for optimum performance in the various conditions of deployment and operation. After installation. MAN offers to examine and pass off the engine and to carry out extensive commissioning. All engines comply with the internationally applicable exhaust-gas regulations.

Ratings of the MAN engines range is from 37 kW to 1,324 kW (50 hp – 1,800 hp). There are 4- and 6-cylinder in-line units and 8-, 10- and 12-cylinder V engines


  • Ferries
  • Barges
  • Passenger ships and pilot boats
  • Lifeboats and patrol boats
  • Tugboats
  • Dredgers
  • Trawlers and fishing boats
  • Charter yachts

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Steyr Engine

The STEYR MONOBLOCK DIESEL engine family consists of several design solutions which are the key for highest power density, reliability and safety in operation under all operational profiles and environments. The engines are specifically designed and built for Marine applications. Due to the exceptional robust cooling behavior and the reliable operation even with poor fuel qualities the STEYR MONOBLOCK engines achieved a unique image with boat manufacturers and operators around the world.


Equipped with a high pressure STEYR Unit Injector with two stage injection nozzle and up to 2000 bar injection pressure. Design and material selection have been especially matched to operate the engines with many types and qualities of fuels like Diesel (F54, EN 590ff), Kerosene (JP8 / F34) or Maritime Diesel fuel.

  • Monoblock from special alloy
  • Mechanical Unit injectors, electronically controlled with injection pressures up to 2000 bar
  • Oil pan as a lower sound encapsulation, carries all auxiliaries and reduces noise and vibration


  • Lowest weight in the class ( less 1,2 kg / HP )
  • Unrivalled compact dimensions
  • Highest power density (up to 92 HP / lt.)
  • Lowest fuel & oil consumption
  • On top in reliability & operational safety