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Radiation Detector 

IdentiFINDER 2 R Series(Radiation Detector-Gamma)

The identiFINDER R series are easy-to-use handheld instruments that quickly detect, locate and identify radiation sources.  These products contain on-board Bluetooth, web server and GPS technologies and produce rapid visible, audible and tactile alerts that expedite response measures.


  • Rapid and accurate detection and identification of radioactive material
  • Easy to operate user interface
  • Transflective color LCD display visible in all lighting conditions
  • No consumables, “self-health” check capability and extended service intervals
  • Meets or exceeds relevant ANSI standard for battery life
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Automatic stabilization and calibration
  • WebINTERFACE software requiring no dedicated PC for access to data
  • One Touch Reachback™
  • Integrated Bluetooth® technology for immediate data transmission from the field
  • Storage for up to 600,000 spectra
  • Standardized file format (n42) for spectrum files


1) identiFINDER R300

The world’s first pager-sized spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD) to offer full detection and identification capability in a single device. This product is the ideal solution for belt-worn passive scanning, security checkpoints, border patrol and first response.

2) identiFINDER R400

The best all-around handheld radiation detection and identification product you can find. With over 15,000 devices in the field, the identiFINDER R400 is the most trusted radio-isotope identification device (RIID) worldwide. This product is the ideal solution for all-purpose surveying, emergency response and environmental monitoring.

3) identiFINDER R500

The fastest and most sensitive radionuclide identification device (RID) for detection and identification of radiation sources. The identiFINDER R500 is as easy to use as it is powerful. This product is the ideal solution for truck and cargo checks, large area scanning and for locating and identifying shielded sources.

4) Stride™

The covert movement of special nuclear material or weapons into populated areas represents possibly the greatest threat to the security of our world. Radionuclide detection and identification systems are required to effectively detect or deter this threat by recognizing the presence or movement of radioactive material across borders, into government buildings, at large public gatherings and much more. The Stride system was designed for this purpose.


He-3 Neutron proportional counter(15mm*54mm)
Nal(35mm*51mm) (102mm*19mm)
He-3 Neutron proportional counter(15mm*54mm)
CalibrationInternal source:137Cs;
15 nCi (555 Bq);
Startup time : ≈60 s
Gamma(High Dose Rate)Geiger-M+ller
GPS66 channel Media MT3329 receiver
Energy Range Gamma Does Rate Channel20keV~3MeV
Energy Range Gamma Identification Channel30keV~3MeV
Throughput Dos Rate ChannelUnder 250kcps
Throughput Identification Channel40~425 m/z
Anolyte detection rangeUnder 180kcps
Does Rate Range100nSv/h~10mSv/h(error range +- 30%)
FWHM3.5%~8% (at 662keV)
Gamma Spectrum Channel1024, 3MeV

Application Cases

  • Institute of nuclear power generation technology
  • Korea institute of nuclear nonproliferation and control
  • Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
  • Korea Cancer Center Hospital
  • Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety