Surveillance System


Vessel Traffic Service Software(DK-CITS V1.0)

Control software used for the system to improve traffic safety and efficiency of vessel In the harbor and coast areas with the data AIS, ARPA checks, Radar images and electronic charts


  • Gathers control area data and displays
  • Prevents duplicate labels by setting ARPA tracking zone of each site
  • Recording data
  • Control support for risk notification and follow-up action through alarm or warning sign
  • Capable to trace over 1000 fixed and mobile labels
  • Route traffic prediction with tracking/timing functions
  • Multi-control function over 15 with lens function
  • Remote control and management for each site in a distance
  • Interworking with external systems (IVEF support)


  • DK-CITS operation system
  • DK-CITS recording server
  • DK-CITS RADAR signal generator