Special Business

Unmanned Water Quality Management Solution 

Physical Specifications

Size1,556 x 1,078 x 450 mm
Weight50 kg
Operating Hours8hours
BatteryLiFePO4 Battery – Short Charging time
Collecting DataWater quality measurement sensor (Customized)
MaterialMaritime-grade Polymer
Capacity500 kg/day
Operating Environment-5℃~60℃  l  1.25 m (Wave/Floating)
Gas EmissionsZERO
Class M: ManualClass A: Autonomous
Avoiding ObstaclesManual (RC)Auto
ReturnManual (RC)Auto
CollectingManual (RC)Auto
Communication MethodManual (RC)Auto
Communication Distanceapprox. 1km or more5 km more
Self-measurement Remaining BatteryGPS, Remaining Battery, Load Capacity
Data MeasurementMonitoring Sensor(Customized)Monitoring Sensor(Customized)

DataShark™ is a special water drone designed for 24/7 floating material management and real-time measurement and sharing of water quality. A total of 256 individual data are collected and compatible with all water quality measurement sensors. Data can be streamed in real time for real-time decision support, and integrated into the cloud and accessed remotely from anywhere.

Applicable Sensors (Example)

Default Measurement Water temperature, salinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, etc.
Public HygieneHarmful algae, Coliform bacillus, etc.
Physical MeasurementDepth of water
Heavy Metal MeasurementMercury, Zinc, Cadmium, Nickel, etc.
Security/ControlVideo, Infrared light, etc.

The SharkPod™ is a 24/7/365 unmanned docking station that allows you to perform all missions. Multiple Shark drones may utilize the same SharkPod docking station


  • ‌ ‌Manipulate with a drone
  • ‌ ‌Unmanned removal of floating matter
  • ‌ ‌Rechargeable using drones

Applicable Cases

  • Domestic : Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation
  • Overseas
  • ‌-  World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)
  • ‌-  The Panamanian Government
  • ‌-  Port of Amsterdam
  • ‌-  Port of Dordrecht (Netherlands)
  • ‌-  City of Aahrus (Denmark)
  • ‌-  TM Group (Vietnam)

Applicable field

  • Port water quality management (collection of buoys and measurement of water quality)
  • Water quality management of lakes (collection of buoys and measurement of water quality)
  • River water quality management (collection of floating objects and water quality measurement)
  • Smart City Water Quality Management Solution