Navigation Equipment

Night Navigator System 

Night Navigator System_CURRENT

Surveillance camera that displays on the screen of the board monitoring foreign objects on the sea level during sailing day and night. Continuously monitoring the presence or absence of objects in the front for safe navigation.


  • Using thermal imaging camera and a video amplifier check other ship at night
  • Capabilities of wide area surveillance and remote monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring and tracking targets
  • Visible / invisible light xenon searchlight
  • Radar and GPS interworking
  • Sway stabilizers adapted

Night Navigator System_Argus

Thermal imaging allows users to visualize heat energy. You can see in total darkness, low visibility weather conditions and even through smoke. Supplies to Fire, Security, Law Enforcement and Marine organizations across the World.


The Argus P Type monocular thermal camera has been specifically designed to help marine personnel detect the heat signatures of people and vessels.  The P Type allows you to identify, observe and monitor objects and waters during the day or night,  clearly identifying objects over 1 mile away, even in total darkness. The P Type has been designed to offer maximum versatility in any marine situation.

The P-Type is a vital piece of search and rescue equipment.