KOR-RUS International Joint Technology Development Program

DK M-tech
2019-10-02 01:53

DK M-Tech selected as a participant of KOR-RUS International Joint Technology Development Program, supported by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Through the project, DK M-Tech will work with MCS Plus to develop e-Navigation-based 3D maritime vessel traffic system by 2021. The two companies agreed on the details and schedule of their two-year-long joint project. They also attended the conference at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in St. Petersburg, discussing the continuation of future cooperative relations between South Korea and Russia, including joint technology development.

MCS Plus, which has the largest market share among Russia’s own companies, is planning to build a system throughout Russia based on the result of this project. DK will step up their efforts to secure its own technologies and advance into various markets both domestic and overseas, and expecting to expand their influence on the maritime traffic control system.

With the synergy between the two companies through this project and joint development, we hope to increase the competitiveness of each company in the domestic market and gain a head start in demand, thus creating new opportunities and breakthroughs.