Demonstration for Coast Guard

DK M-tech
2019-05-08 08:47

DK M Tech demonstrated advanced mission execution for Korea Coast Guard with kt, based on skyship on last 26th.

Skyship is an air surveillance platform in the form of "telecommunication + airship + drone" that can be remotely controlled by C3 Station, a ground control station, and is expected to contribute to improve the efficiency of Coast Guard’s mission performance capability.
C3 Station is consisted of an integrated control room and hangar for comprehensive ground control through real-time on-site video verification and has charging and maintenance facilities in case of an emergency.

The two mission scenarios, the search and rescue in the maritime area and the mission of tracking and monitoring illegal fishing boats, were took place over time.
Firstly, the changing drone and skyship took off from the ground and coast guard vessel each as a team. They moved to the mission site, monitored the situation of the scene, and supported the officers from Coast Guard's high-speed patrol vessel until they rescued the victim safely.
For the second mission, the real-time judgment and orders were made at the monitoring site based on the on-site video sent to the C3 station by skyship. As a result, the high-speed patrol vessel could dispatch to the scene right away. They succeeded to gain access to illegal fishing boat and effectively forestall the boat and crew.

“It was impressive that as real-time on-site video monitoring on the ground became possible, the people in the situation could provide the best response to the changing situation,” Gwang-hyun Ko, the Executive Director of Marketing Division said. He also added, “We hope that the flight monitoring system could contribute to the safety of all officers in the field and support the officers in the control center could make the best decision according to the specificity by each situation.”