DK M Tech Contracted MOU with KT

DK M-tech
2019-02-13 00:45

DK M Tech contracted MOU with KT for Skyship business last 30th, January.

Management from both sides attended the signing ceremony and promised cooperation between the two companies to take responsibility for maritime safety and effectively respond to disasters by utilizing Skyship, a platform based on 5G.

The collaboration between DK and KT aims to combine DK’s maritime know-how and KT's disaster-safe platform to carry out daily patrol activities through Skyship as well as search and rescue of missing persons in a disaster. They agreed to demonstrate the system in March, and detailed commercialization will be carried out within the first half of this year.

“Ocean and maritime is given much weight in our daily life, and I think safety concerns should be accompanied by this kind of situation. It is an honor for us to participate in the flow, and pleased to be with KT, a strong partner.” Gwang-Hyun Ko, the Executive Director of Marketing Division said. He also added, “We are very looking forward to synergy between these two companies.”