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2018 DK Strategy Meeting

DK M-tech
2018-12-28 01:35

2018 DK Strategy Meeting was held from December 21st to 22nd. The meeting was set to wrap up 2018, which was the season of learning and growth, and to pledge another transformation in 2019.

As the first session, the participants share the performance of 2018 and announce the goals for 2019. The second session was group activity, which emphasizes cooperation and communication. Lastly, the first day event was wrapped up with the general review by CEO. Through the contents, the participants were able to organize more detailed plans for the goals. At the same time, the event allowed participants to think about what ‘I’ was like in the organization.

“2019 is a time for us to be more subjective and active than ever," Yeong-Mun Cha, the CEO said. He also added, “I hope all the participants always keep in mind that each and all members are the representatives of DK.”