Crane Simulator 

Crane Simulator

  • DK M-Tech’s port crane simulator has a line-up and automated crane line-up (ARMGC, RCC/C) for all cranes in the port, including D/D, RTGC, RMGC, S/C, rich stacker, ECH, etc., and provides a solution tailored to customer requirements from desktop to 6DOF motion platform.
  • The Harbour Crane Simulator is used for professional training at ports around the world and consists of cabins (driver), joystick and console, and display devices.
  • Constructed based on data from actual structures in all ports, enabling immersive audiovisual training through realistic graphics and sound.
  • Complete customization based on customer requirements.

Automated Crane Simulator (RC C/C, ARMGC)

  • The world’s only automated crane simulator with TOS and CMS
  • Customize all elements of the virtual port and the button function and location of the driving console

Domestic Installation Cases (Busan New Port 2-4 and 2-5)