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The First Half Workshop – Admin Dept., R&D Center and Marketing Dept.

DK M-tech
2018-05-17 01:17

Admin Dept., R&D Center and Marketing Dept. conducted the workshop for the first half of the year. Through this workshop, each department shared the status of the first half and did interim check for a successful year. In this process, it was remarkable that each department had a characteristic time of unity to strengthen teamwork after the official schedule.

Administration Department reconfirmed the deadlines of various tasks and conducted discussions on the settlement of accounts. Then, they gathered opinions to solidify the procedures for supporting the tasks and to find ways to improve employee welfare.
R&D center harmonized the status report and technical lectures. The lecture focused on the virtues of the developers, the Koreans e in Silicon Valley. Based on this, the participants discussed the solutions to improve the work efficiency.
Marketing Department focused on measuring each individual’s capacity enhancement. After sharing the results of the first half of the year and the project status, the participants gathered opinions on finding new businesses.

Unexpectedly, the workshops of the three departments were conducted at a similar time, and each department considered their unique tasks and characteristics sufficiently before conducting the workshops. It is expected that the workshops for the second half of the year also will be held in consideration of each department’s own tasks and businesses.