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Strategic Planning Dept. Workshop – the First Half of Year

DK M-tech
2018-03-30 03:57

Following the CS center that held the workshop in January, the Strategic Planning Department held a workshop on the 16th.

At this point of the year, in wrapping up the first quarter, this workshop was designed to reconfirm the goals and plans not only for each individual but also the entire group for 2018. Beginning with business planning issue for effective promotion and marketing activities, the meeting continued on the topic of securing the momentum targeting the new growth.

“The forenoon session was programmed for the team’s solidity and it seems like we achieved the goal. We joyfully enjoyed the session. In opposition, we seriously covering various issues in overall manner,” said Jinho Ahn, Senior Manager. He added, “This month, there will be an executive meeting, which is supervised by Strategic Planning Dept. Since it is a major event dealing with the company’s quarterly and annual direction, we will prepare for any deficiencies.”