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DK Beer Day for 24th Anniversary

DK M-tech
2018-09-04 05:33

Last July 27th, DK M-Tech celebrated its 24th birthday. Executives and employees gathered together by each regional office to celebrate the founding.

The event, which started at the same time as its foundation and has been recorded 24 times until this year. It has been a tradition of DK, where all of its employees commemorate its founding date. The event this year was especially meaningful, as DK members gave a word of support to their co-workers and encouraged each other.

“DK was able to grow up to be a 24-year-old young man through the passion and patience of the colleagues who worked hard together,” said YeongMun Cha, the CEO. He also added, “I hope that we can maintain our business without losing the spark of growth in the future as we have so far.”