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Executive Meeting - the Second Quarter of Year

DK M-tech
2018-09-03 00:19

DK M-Tech held the second quarter executive meeting from July 6th to 7th. The meeting was arranged to check the current status of the first half of the year and to discuss the company`s issues.

Beginning with the results announcement of the first half of the year by the marketing department, management meeting was proceeded on the status of the department's goals and plans for the second half.

As a result of the meeting, participants announced the 'NEW 333' plan for sustainable growth and an 'Up DKM' plan to improve organizational culture. For those campaign, the company plans to create various new items. They also decided to make a new leap through making changes to the company's underlying system over the past 25 years.
In addition, from this second half of the year, they agreed to expand opportunities for staff meeting and external education to support employees' capacity and to create an open organizational culture by strengthening communication.

“We had created meaningful results that will bring about change in the company through the meeting.” Said Young-Mun Cha, the CEO. He also added “"We have taken time to closely monitor and evaluate the current situation in the first half. I expect the second half of the year to all executives and employees work together to make the plans that we have made personally and at the company level as well.”