Designated as Hi Seoul Brand

DK M-tech
2020-05-14 07:46

DK M Tech was selected as the High Seoul Brand Company designated by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Hi Seoul Brand is a joint brand of outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises created by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the SBA (Seoul Business Agency) to help strengthen the brand competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises based in Seoul. Based on the external brand value of "Seoul", the Seoul Metropolitan Government supports the use of the CI of Hi Seoul Brand, so that designated companies can continue to grow and enter the global market with their own brand power, and creates a positive image through joint brand utilization among outstanding companies.

DK M Tech expects to utilize Hi Seoul Brand as a platform to create business opportunities such as active communication between designated companies and mutual transactions through the establishment of a coexistence ecosystem. In addition, DK M Tech hope that this designation will serve as an opportunity to take another step forward, with the plan to actively utilize the benefits of accumulated knowledge and various educational programs aimed at developing new capabilities through the SBA support project given to the designated companies.