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The First Quarter Executive Meeting

DK M-tech
2020-05-14 01:31

In the first half of the year, when most of the in-house events were canceled due to Corona 19, all department heads were present for executive meeting. At the meeting, they shared their first-quarter business performance by the entire company level and each department level, and later announced plans to achieve their annual goals. In addition, there was a free discussion on major issues in the first quarter, during which active exchanges of opinions were made, including checking and reviewing the results of the 2019 employee satisfaction survey.

Participants agreed that due to the nature of the business that DKM is in, which requires direct and indirect communication with foreign countries and has a high proportion of international currencies, various restrictions and delays caused by Corona 19 are inevitable, which is unlikely to be normalized as soon as possible.

Yeong-Mun Cha, the CEO who attended the meeting said, "We can't change the big trend that appears across the international economy, like waves. But it's up to us to get through the waves in it," he said. He then carried "All executives and employees to gather together to find ways to solve the current crisis together," and asked for strong cooperation once again.