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2019 DK Festival

DK M-tech
2019-06-10 05:35

All DK affiliates gathered to hold DK festival at Gurye on the fourth week of May.

The first destination of the trip was Hwaeom-sa, the temple which was established at the Three Kingdoms of Korea period and named “Thousand-year-old Temple”. The temple possessed several national treasures and they let the people could feel the essence of Buddhist culture. At the same time, the clear weather made the wide open view of the mountain and this successfully led the participants to the next destination.

As the following schedule, they climbed from Seongsamjae to Nogodan Shelter and the summit of Nogodan. The official schedule of the first day was completed with taking group photos, which is the long-lasted tradition.

On the second day, DK people moved to Gurye Stadium to play team games. The program was consisted with various short recreational games by each team.

The two-day event, which took place under the theme of "New Beginning," was the enjoyable time under the beautiful scenery and clear sky of Gurye.