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The First Executive Meeting of 2019

DK M-tech
2019-04-16 02:24

DK M-Tech held the first quarter executive meeting from last 22nd to 23rd. The participants open the meeting with announcing its first-quarter business outcome and performance. Also, the head of the departments looked back on the last quarter and cover the comments and opinions of the internal issues which gathered from the various channels of the company.

As the first session, the executives shared idea about how to effectively recruit human resources and supporting them to stay active in the right place. Attendees agreed that efforts were needed to diversify channels for new recruitment. Establishment of the more systematic recruitment process and system is also needed.

At the second session, the participants seeking to find the prospects for new business and future business. They decided to expand activities by each department to find projects that can be done only by that relevant department in the best way.

General Manager of Strategic Planning Dept., Hyunsoo Jung said “The meeting provided a glimpse into employees' thoughts, as well as comments from department heads. We will continue to think about how we can apply our own data and insights that we've accumulated in various ways to our actual business environments,” as a presider of the meeting. He added, “I would like to appreciate all the thoughts and ideas both made before the meeting and during the meeting by the entire employees.”