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The Second Half Workshop

DK M-tech
2018-11-21 09:04

Workshops by each department for the second half of the year were conducted. Participants discussed the status of personal goals of the year and share thoughts about how to wrap up 2018 successfully. At the same time, departments set up the draft for what strategies and visions will be needed the coming 2019.

Customer Support Center considered providing services to customers within a long-term perspective. To make this come true, it was agreed by the team with the strategy to increase the expertise of its engineers. Research Center decided to open the special project training and practice to actively utilize them in future work. Administration Team decided to try to upgrade the approval system by clarifying the data and papers.

Marketing Department emphasized the importance of data that they could collect through daily activities. They decided to establish their own database and specify the method to actively utilize them for future work. Strategic Planning Department stressed the needs for quantifying the process and the results of the projects through more accurate, data-based analysis.

Juhyun Park, from Customer Support Center said, “As we moved out of the area that we are familiar, I could see various but practical ideas coming out through the meetings.” She added, “I hope the various ideas from the departments could practically be reflected in the work.”