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Executive Meeting - the Third Quarter of Year

DK M-tech
2018-11-05 08:03

DK executive meeting was held from October 12th to 13th. As a part of establishing the management innovation strategy, the meeting was aimed to identify the current management status and share the company's performance of this year.

The participants had established a vision and strategy to move forward through the last meeting in the second quarter, and the third-quarter meeting was focusing on the self-evaluation of the goal setting and identification of the deficiencies.

In particular, in this meeting, the executives brought the roles and responsibilities of the manager again in implementing DK M Tech’s long term plans. They once again stressed that based on the expertise of each department, we need to increase the company's own strength and endurance.

"We are in the process of trying various forms of meetings and finding the best way for DK M Tech this year,” said Hyunsoo Jung, the General Manager of Strategic Planning Department, who organized and presided the meeting. He also added, “Based on the expert`s advice this time, the participants shared more strategic and realistic ideas. We have gained new know-how through the new attempts, now we have more to achieve what we had planned with all our might. Lastly, I would like to thank all the executives for active participants,” he said.