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The Second Quarter Executive Meeting

DK M-tech
2020-07-07 02:39

Executives and department heads held the meeting to cover the second quarter.

Participants had time to take a look at how COVID-19, which have had far-reaching impacts on the global economy, businesses and society, have brought the changes to DK M-Tech’s businesses over the past quarter.

They agreed that after the declaration of the Pandemics, the current situation will be a long-term circumstance and discussed for a long time to seek the ways to deal with the changes derived from unexpected global phenomenon in a flexible manner, especially by cross-checking the projects status and future projects plans by each department which could be affected by COVID-19.

They also encouraged each other not to lose focus on the project environment where confusion could occur and to carry out the project in a stable manner as usual.

At the same time, executives and department heads agreed to aim for the second half of the year, focusing on the link between the ability of individuals and strengths of organizations to maintain a stable business environment to establish a solid group.