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The Third Quarter Executive Meeting

DK M-tech
2019-09-24 00:03

The CEO and department heads of DK M Tech held the third-quarter meeting at the headquarters.

Participants reviewed the company`s third-quarter business performance and revisited current domestic and international issues. In particular, discussions were held to find ways to lead the new development project more efficiently on the own strength of DK M Tech, which was a major agenda item for the meeting.

Through the discussion, the participants rearranged its current review and progress based on the feedbacks from various channels, including products that are aimed at completing development and commercializing the product next year, and prepare a strategy for the sales channel in advance with the R&D center at the forefront.

Discussions were also made regarding working hours and in-house events under the Labor Standards Act.

Yeong-Mun Cha, the CEO mentioned, “Various issues at domestic and abroad derived from unstable conditions make us difficult to predict the economic situation. However, in this challenging situation, we should continue to find the strategy to deal with the future business. Big changes seems like a blessing in disguise, but it can be big opportunity for us at the same time.” at the general comment. He also added, “The ability to make sense of changes in the surrounding environment and respond quickly is more important than ever. Therefore, I would like to emphasize to trust our underlying strength and synergy of the organization.”