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25th Anniversary

DK M-tech
2019-08-05 02:20

DK M Tech celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company’s foundation.

Executives and employees gathered and looked back the journey that they had went through. At the same time, the participants decided to constantly strive and develop for customer satisfaction as they have been so far.

DK M Tech, established in 1994 and has been cooperated with many people at various places. DK M Tech believes the synergy from those experience and will perish the connections as a groundwork of the business.

“Many of the moments that we have been through are passing by, instead of the number of ’25 years’ comes by itself,” said the CEO, Yeong-Mun Cha. He also added, “DK M Tech have grown up with the market, the environment and the customers we are in. I appreciate all who had helped and supported us in the process.”

At the same time he asked to the participants, “With the trend of the times, the level of the customers develop. If a company fails to meet the needs from the customers and the market, will not be easy to survive. We should read the changes carefully around us and shed light on the challenges ahead.”