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The First Half workshop

DK M-tech
2019-05-27 07:24

DK M Tech members conducted workshop by divisions for the first of the year. Each department shared the status of individual and departmental tasks while looking back the first half and planned to prepare the second half of the year well to achieve the desired goals.

The Marketing team decided to establish a business direction based on data obtained from the result of product performance monitoring and comparison. They also agreed to scrutinize and review customer demand to further diversify the composition of products and seek a way of business development through collaboration with R&D center.

The Strategic Planning team listed the tasks of the department level based on individual work scope, and considered the most efficient roles and responsibilities compared to the existing ones. At the same time, it was decided by the participants to consider a step further from the existing approach that everyone was familiar with throughout handling the tasks.

The Administration team is about to distribute new groupware with in coming June and through the change, the entire online approval system will be renewed. They agreed to check the related matters frequently in order to establish a new, stable groupware system and support the users in the right place to help them adapt well to the new system.

The department level goal that had set throughout the workshop will be reviewed at the second half workshop. DK M Tech believes the achievements and performances by personal level can be collected and become the main drive to achieve the goals of the company as a whole.